Clothes Don’t Fit Anymore? Here’s What You Should Do With Them

I’m actually struggling with a lot of my clothes recently. Essentially, I lost almost 100 lbs in the space of a year after refusing to properly look after my body, so I had to invest in a whole new wardrobe. I looked amazing by the way. Then, I managed to put loads of it back on after refusing to properly look after my body properly yet again, so I was left with bags of clothes I can’t wear anymore, so I found ways to turn my clothes into something new. Here are 7 uses for clothes that no longer fit.

Sell Them

I’m trying to decide whether or not to do this myself right now. I often look down at my stomach and consider how likely it is that I’ll ever get up, stop eating horribly, and go for some extensive run. I’m just upset that even though I choose to walk up and down a flight of stairs every day of my life, I’ve still put on more than a few pounds. If you’re in my position, but you’d rather just sell your clothes and make some extra money, consider taking them to a retailer like Once Upon A Child, or Plato’s Closet to make some extra change from those pieces that you might not ever wear again. Of course, that’s not the only way to sell your clothes. Have a garage sale. Download Poshmark, an app that helps you sell your items like you would on eBay. ThredUP is also an excellent way to sell your items and from the money you make, you could probably afford to get some decent clothing pieces that actually fit. These take little to no effort, so instead of wondering whether to sell, unless you’re truly attached to your items, give them to someone who will wear them, and make money at the same time. clothes

Make A Quilt Or A Wall Hanging

There are probably some people reading this who have no idea what a wall hanging, or a quilt is. Either these people have never been to university, been a hippy or had any hippy friends. You know when you go to a house party and you don’t really know the owners? They have all of their pasta in jars and their bookshelves are lined with books on medication? Well, that thing hanging on the wall with all the religious symbols on it, possibly with an abstract image of an elephant filled with random shapes is a wall hanging. The point is, if you like these things, I reckon you could make a pretty cool one out of old clothes you have lying around. The more hippy the better; I’m thinking Tie Dye shirts here really. Or anything with outrageous symbols or false spirituality plastered all over it. Maybe stuff with black and white lions or stencils of obscure political figures. You can make it work people. As for Quilts, there are tons of tutorials online, so pick one and get to sewing. Shirt-quilts

Pet Clothes

If you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s a good idea to put your pet in any kind of clothes, then I would probably just skip to the next page and move on with the article. Seriously, just do it, because you’re not going to be happy with the next couple of paragraphs, so I would suggest just moving on. Right, now we’ve got rid of those freaks, why would people put clothes onto their pets? Only kidding, everyone it’s adorable. Sew your pet a puffer vest. Create a shirt for them, so they’re not cold at night. Think humans are the only ones who could use a pair of socks? Think again.  There are many animals who would love the idea of  wearing some fashionable clothing that also keeps them warm. is a great resource for learning how to take your recycled clothing items into recycled leg warmers, dog tees, coats, bows, headbands and pants. It’s kind of amazing that you can create a tee for your dog using that onesie that doesn’t even fit you anymore. All you’ll need is the pattern, which you can find online, some scissors, a needle and thread and your old clothes! clothes

Specialized Envelopes

I actually really like this idea. There’s something quite nice about receiving a letter. The feeling cuts right to the romantic side of my core, and yes I do have one of those. The only thing that could make that feeling better would be finding it wrapped in a personalised envelope. Plus, there’s something cooler about an envelope made out old clothing that has a sentimental value, as opposed to plain paper you’ve drawn on. I don’t know why, that is just the way it is. Now that I’ve got all those nice feelings out of the way, let me tell you that the only thing that could ruin the brilliant feeling of getting a personalized message in a personalized envelope is opening it to find that you’ve used your old clothes to let me know that you’re now getting married and you want me to be there. Just don’t invite me. But if it’s for a birthday, a graduation, or any occasion that doesn’t remind me that I’m still unmarried, you may learn how to make these beautiful fabric envelopes here. What a crowd pleaser these are. clothes

Cushions Or General Household Items

Seriously, google these and tell me they don’t look really cool. I don’t know why turning clothes into household items or furnishings looks really cool but it just does. I also like the idea of making curtains out of clothes as well, or maybe the covering for a couch? I have so many tie dye t-shirts I now can’t wear that would make some absolutely brilliant covers for a duvet I have to say. That being said, I really think people who have left the buttons on the cushions probably should’ve thought that through better. Whenever I go to a mate’s house and they have cushions that have little protruding bits I actually want to slap them. Who wants something digging into them while they’re trying to sit down and get comfortable? It’s like buying a bed of nails. I was thinking I quite like the idea of using old t shirts as vinyl covers, maybe on boring record sleeves. Obviously you won’t be able to see the name or the artist, but maybe you could hang them up on the walls. That’d look pretty cool. Instead of selling my wardrobe, I’m going to use it and remodel my whole flat. Click here for some brilliant decor ideas. clothes

Make A Handbag

I don’t ever use handbags myself, but I have a lot of friends who do love messenger bags/handbags/canvas bags etc. I’m fairly sure that I could make a pretty sweet one out of some of my clothes to give to them on their birthday. It’s an absolutely beautiful idea. Once again, if it was from me it’d almost certainly be some little hippy over-the-shoulder thing that you’d take out with you during the day rather than on a night out or anything. It wouldn’t be very glamorous. You could take a band tee for  turn that into an original bag that nobody else could possibly have. I’m really into personalised gifts rather than something that costs loads but is pretty heartless, so anything that you made for me out of your old clothes I’d be pretty happy with it. If there’s any of my friends reading this, sorry for the comments about your wedding, and make me a gift out of your old clothes. Tell me this bag isn’t stylish and functional. To make your own fashion statement using materials you already have, check out these cool videos. clothes

Donate Them To A Good Cause

I’ve put this last in the hope that people reading this who actually do have clothes they want to do something with decide to donate their clothes. Whether it be clothes or something else, please consider donating as much as you physically can to those struggling in the world. Even if this is making sure you give money to any homeless people you pass, you are making a needed difference in this harsh world. I can’t speak for every other country, but the poor and the needy in the UK are really being done over by the government at the moment, and they need our help. If you have any old clothes that you’re trying to get rid of, I beg that you try and donate them before you do anything else with them. Another possibility is to sell them all yourself, perhaps on eBay or to local vintage shops, before donating the money straight into a charity of your choice. Make sure you pick one that isn’t spending all of the money on advertising rather than the people who need the help though.One final word, make sure you research any charity you choose to donate anything to, clothes or otherwise. clothes